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Please find the complete list of accepted submissions here.

August 17, Friday
10:00Registration Booth Open
12:50Opening Remarks
Brian Wyvill and Hongbo Fu
13:00Opening Keynote: Making the Impossible Plausible
Maryann Simmons - Senior Software Engineer, Walt Disney Animation Studios
13:40Paper Session 1: Sketching
Vladimir G. Kim (Chair)
3D Sketching for Interactive Model Retrieval in Virtual Reality
Daniele Giunchi, Stuart James, and Anthony Steed
The Role of Grouping in Sketched Diagram Recognition
Amir Ghodrati, Rachel Blagojevic, Hans W. Guesgen, Stephen Marsland, and Beryl Plimmer
Context-based Sketch Classification
Jianhui Zhang, Yilan Chen, Lei Li, Hongbo Fu, and Chiew-Lan Tai
15:10Coffee Break and Posters
15:20Paper Session 2: Between 2.5D and 3D
Zhili Chen (Chair)
Structuring and Layering Contour Drawings of Organic Shapes
Even Entem, Amal Dev Parakkat, Marie-Paule Cani, and Loic Barthe
Seamless Reconstruction of Part-Based High-Relief Models from Hand-Drawn Images
Marek Dvorožnák, Saman Sepehri Nejad, Ondřej Jamriška, Alec Jacobson, Ladislav Kavan, and Daniel Sýkora
Sculpture Paintings
Sami Arpa, Sabine Süsstrunk, and Roger Hersch
Implicit Representation of Inscribed Volumes
Parto Sahbaei, David Mould, and Brian Wyvill
18:00Reception – University Club
August 18, Saturday
09:00Emulating the creativity of a painter: integrating cognitive deep learning AI and painting rendering
Steve DiPaola - Professor and Chair of the Cognitive Science Program, Simon Fraser University
09:40Coffee Break and Posters
10:00Paper Session 3: Stylization Before and Now
Marie-Paule Cani (Chair)
Abstract Depiction of Human and Animal Figures: Examples from Two Centuries of Art and Craft
Neil Dodgson
MNPR: A Framework for Real-Time Expressive Non-Photorealistic Rendering of 3D Computer Graphics
Santiago Montesdeoca, Hock Soon Seah, Amir Semmo, Pierre Bénard, Vergne Romain, Joelle Thollot, and Davide Benvenuti
Motion-coherent stylization with screen-space image filters
Alexandre Bléron, Romain Vergne, Thomas Hurtut, and Joelle Thollot
Reducing Affective Responses to Surgical Images through Color Manipulation and Stylization
Lonni Besançon, Amir Semmo, David Biau, Bruno Frachet, Virginie Pineau, El Hadi Sariali, Rabah Taouachi, Tobias Isenberg, and Pierre Dragicevic
13:30Paper Session 4: Virtual Brushes
Oliver Deussen (Chair)
Brush Stroke Synthesis with a Generative Adversarial Network Driven by Physically Based Simulation
Rundong Wu, Zhili Chen, Zhaowen Wang, Jimei Yang, and Steve Marschner
Fluid Brush
Sarah Abraham, Etienne Vouga, and Donald Fussell
Computational Light Painting and Kinetic Photography
Yaozhun Huang, Sze Chun Tsang, Hei-Ting Tamar Wong, and Miu Ling Lam
Pigmento: Pigment-Based Image Analysis and Editing
Jianchao Tan, Stephen DiVerdi, Jingwan Lu, and Yotam Gingold
Optional: Industrial Workshop in Delta Hotel Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort
15:30Bus to Ocean Pointe Resort (Workshop and Conference Dinner)
16:00Industrial Connection Workshop at Delta Hotel
18:00Dinner with Industrial Keynote (DreamWorks Animation): Keynote by Andrew Pearce
Andrew Pearce - VP of Global Technology, DreamWorks Animation
August 19, Sunday
09:00Paper Session 5: Cartoons & Beyond
Boris Dalstein (Chair)
2D Shading for Cel Animation
Matis Hudon, Mairéad Grogan, Rafael Pagés, Jan Ondřej, and Aljosa Smolic
ToonCap: A Layered Deformable Model for Capturing Poses From Cartoon Characters
Xinyi Fan, Amit Bermano, Vladimir Kim, Jovan Popovic, and Szymon Rusinkiewicz
Automatic Generation of Geological Stories from a Single Sketch
Maxime Garcia, Remi Ronfard, Marie-Paule Cani, Claude Gout, and Christian Perrenoud
10:30Coffee Break and Posters
10:45When Artistic Inspirations Influence Software Development
Peter Blaskovic - Founder and CEO, Escape Motions
11:30Closing Remarks
Brian Wyvill and Hongbo Fu
12:00Optional: Trip to Butchart Gardens